004 Advanced Social Psychology

Advanced Social Psychology

Section – A (450 Words)

Q. No. 1.  Define the nature and forms of social conflict. Discuss the methods of conflict resolution                                       5+5 Marks

Q. No. 2. What is attitude change? How does attitude change takes place?                                                                                           3+7 Marks

Q. No. 3. Differentiate between collective behavior and crowd behavior. Discuss the theories of crowd behavior                       4+6 Marks

Q. No. 4. Discuss main characteristics of a group. Explain various theories of group formation                                                     3+7 Marks

Section – B (250 Words)

Q. No. 5. Discuss the methods to reduce aggression                6 Marks

Define Stereotypes. Discuss the development and maintenance of stereotypes                                                       2+4 Marks

Q. No. 7. Define Obedience. Discuss the factors that increases obedience                                                                          2+4 Marks

Q. No. 8.  Discuss the correlation method in social psychology           6 Marks

Q. No. 9. Explain the concept of group dynamics                    6 Marks


Section – C (100 Words)

Q. No. 10. Social identity theory                                   3 Marks

Q. No. 11. Heider’s Balance Theory                             3 Marks

Q. No. 12. Measurement of Aggression                                    3 Marks


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