023 Interventions In Counselling

Section – A (450 Words)

Q. No. 1. What is behaviour modification? Discuss any three techniques of behaviour modification.                              3+7 Marks

Q. No. 2. Discuss the areas of application of cognitive behaviour therapies                                                                                 10 Marks

Q. No. 3. Describe the process in group and family counselling.      5+5 Marks

Q. No. 4. What is e-counselling? Discuss the benefits and ethical issues involved in e-counselling.                                         10 Marks

Section – B (250 Words)

Q. No. 5. Discuss insight as a counselling method                 6 Marks

Q. No. 6. Explain short term counselling                               6 Marks

Q. No. 7. Discuss the techniques for helping children with Autism spectrum disorder                                                                 6 Marks

Q. No. 8. Discuss the stages of couple                                     6 Marks

Q. No. 9. What are the factors to be controlled to minimize the differences between client and counsellor?                           6 Marks

Section – C (100 Words)

Q. No. 10. Psychodynamic Counselling                                  3 Marks

Q. No. 11. Limitations of Integrative Counselling                3 Marks

Q. No. 12. T-group                                                       3 Marks

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