001 Cognitive Psychology, Learning & Memory

Cognitive Psychology, Learning & Memory        

Section – A (450 Words)

Q. No. 1. Explain the principles of information processing. Describe Sternberg’s information processing approach                                      6+4 Marks

Q no. 2 Critically discuss Das, Naglier’s and Kirby’s PASS Theory

Give    a comparative account of behavioristic theory and innateness theory of language acquisition

Explain the information processing and computer simulation approach to problem solving


Section – B (250 Words)

Explain the research methods in cognitive psychology

Describe the animal models of memory

What is apraxia of speech?

Describe Guilford’s structure of intellect theory

Explain the measurement of creativity



Section – C (100 Words)

Neuroscience and cognitive psychology


Vennon’s hierarchical theory                  




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