003 Personality Theory and Assessment

Personality: Theories And Assessment

Section – A (450 Words)

Q. No. 1. Define Personality. Discuss in detail Eysenck’s type trait hierarchy.                                                                           10 Marks

Q. No. 2. Describe Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory                          

                                                 10 Marks

Q. No. 3. What do you understand by functional autonomy? Discuss the attributes of psychologically mature adults as proposed by Allport.                                                       4+6 Marks

Q. No. 4. Elucidate observation and situational tests as techniques of behavioural assessments                                                          5+5 Marks

Section – B (250 Words)

Q. No. 5. Describe social acceptance and social deprivation as environmental factors that influence personality development

                           3+3 Marks

Q. No. 6. Discuss the relationship between genes and personality

                                                                                       6 Marks

Q. No. 7. Describe the neurotic needs as stated by Horney

                                                                           6 Marks

Q. No. 8. Explain Projective techniques. Describe its classification given by Lindzay                                                                2+4 Marks

Q. No. 9. Discuss in detail NEO-Personality Inventory        6 Marks

Section – C (100 Words)

Q. No. 10. Surface traits and Source traits                            3 Marks

Q. No. 11. Defense Mechanisms                                              3 Marks

Q. No. 12. Ayurvedic Body Type                                            3 Marks


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