031 Orginasational Behaviour

Section – A (450 Words)

Q. No. 1. Critically evaluate any two models of organizations.

5+5 Marks

Q. No. 2. Explain the various techniques that an organization can adopt to increase the morale and productivity of employees.

10 Marks

Q. No. 3. Compare the Need Hierarchy theory with the two factor theory of motivation.                                                  10 Marks

Q. No. 4. Describe any two theories of learning and their implications for organizations.                                        10 Marks

Section – B (250 Words)

Q. No. 5. Discuss the Vroom’s Expectancy theory and its managerial implications.                                             6 Marks

Q. No. 6. Outline the characteristics of work motivation. Discuss the importance of motivation in organizations.                2+4 Marks

Q. No. 7. Briefly discuss the twelve C’s of Team building. 6 Marks

Q. No. 8. Identify Thomas and Kilman’s five main styles of dealing with conflict. Discuss the various steps involved in conflict resolution.                                                                      2+4 Marks

Q. No. 9. Describe briefly the characteristics of the field of Organizational Behavior.                                           6 Marks

Section – C (100 Words)

Q. No. 10. Types of organizations.                                          3 Marks

Q. No. 11. Goal setting theory                                          3 Marks

Q. No. 12. Mc Clelland’s Learned Needs Theory                 3 Marks


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