MPC-001-04-04 Impediments to Problem Solving

4.2 Effective Problem Solving
4.3 Other Methods for Problem Solving
4.3.1 Einstellung
4.3.2 Understanding the Problem
4.4 Overcoming the Constraints
4.4.1 Typical Processes in Solving a Problem
4.5 Impediments to Problem Solving
4.6 Productive Problem Solving and Impediments Thereof
4.6.1 Impediments ot Productive Problem Solving
4.7 Problem Solving in Team and Small Groups
4.8 Critical Thinking in Problem Solving and Impediments
4.9 Other Barriers to Problem Solving
4.9.1 Perceptual Blocks
4.9.2 Emotional Blocks
4.9.3 Intellectual Blocks
4.9.4 Expressive Blocks
4.9.5 Environmental Blocks
4.9.6 Cultural Blocks
4.10 Teaching and Learning Strategies that Enhance Problem Solving Skills
4.10.1 Pedagogical Stuff
4.10.2 Promoting Transfer
4.10.3 Dialogue
4.11 Functional Fixedness
4.12 Using Complete or Incorrect Representations
4.13 Lack of Problem Specific Knowledge or Expertise

MAPC IGNOU Assignment M.A. Psychology

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