MPC-001-03-04 Language and Speech Disorders

4.2 Defining Language and Speech Disorders
4.3 Language Disorders
4.3.1 Aphasia
4.3.2 Autism
4.3.3 Learning Disability
4.3.4 Alzheimer’s Disease
4.3.5 Specific Language Impairment
4.3.6 Developmental Phonological Disorders
4.3.7 Dyspraxia
4.4 Speech Disorders
4.4.1 Voice Disorders
4.4.2 Speech Sound Disorder
4.4.3 Fluency Disorders
4.4.4 Apraxia of Speech
4.4.5 Dysprosody
4.4.6 Dysarthria

MAPC IGNOU Assignment M.A. Psychology

Explain the types of bilingualism.

Describe the higher levels of linguistic analysis.

Explain the different aspects of creativity.

Describe Guilford’s Structure of Intellect theory.

Discuss the cultural blocks to problem solving

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