MPC-001-02-04 Creativity and Problem

4.2 Creativity
4.2.1 Meaning and Aspects of Creativity
4.2.2 Investment and Confluence Theory of Creativity
4.2.3 Aspects of Creativity
4.2.4 Stages of Creativity
4.2.5 Creativity and Intelligence
4.2.6 Measurement of Creativity
4.3 Problem Solving
4.3.1 Terms Related to Problem Solving
4.3.2 Typologies of Problems
4.3.3 Stages of Problem Solving
4.3.4 Strategies of Problem Solving Algorithms Heuristics
4.3.5 Factors Affecting Problem Solving

Explain the stages of creativity, Problem space

MAPC IGNOU Assignment, IGNOU Psychology Assignment, M.A. Psychology IGNOU Assignment, IGNOU MAPC Assignment

Critically discuss the Levels of Processing Model of Craik and Lockhart.

Explain Sternberg’s Triarchic theory of intelligence.

Discuss the process of acquisition of a second language. Describe the benefits of multilingualism.


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