MPC-002-04-03 Psychosocial Changes

3.2 Development During Adult Years
3.2.1 Stage Theories versus the Contextual Approach
3.3 Psychosocial Changes During Early Adulthood
3.3.1 Eric Erikson’s Theory
3.3.2 Levinson’s Seasons of Life Theory
3.3.3 Attachment Patterns and Romantic Relationships
3.4 The Family Life Cycle
3.5 Psychosocial Changes During Middle Adulthood
3.5.1 Four Developmental Tasks of Middle Adulthood
3.5.2 Individual Differences in Personality Traits
3.5.3 Changing Parent-child Relationships
3.6 Psychosocial Changes During Old Age
3.6.1 Stability and Change in Self-Concept and Personality
3.6.2 Relationships in Late Adulthood
3.6.3 Retirement and Leisure

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