MPC-002-03-04 Challenges And Issues In Adolescent Development

4.2 Challenges of Adolescence
4.2.1 Coping with the Loss of Normalcy
4.2.2 Acknowledging Sexuality
4.2.3 Change in Point of View
4.2.4 High Risk Behaviours

Define adolescence. Describe the challenges and various issues faced by an adolescent.

Define prenatal period. What are the environmental influences affecting the development of an infant.

Discuss the various cognitive changes during adulthood.

Discuss the developmental tasks during middle adulthood.

What are the various signs of negative self-concept in adolescence?

What are major motor skill development that takes place during childhood (6-11 years)?

Write a note on Kohlberg’s moral development theory.

What are the emotional changes that are characteristic of school going children?

Social Clock

Secondary ageing

Reminiscence and Life Review


Assimilation and Accommodation

Exceptional children

Special education

Identification of Learning Disability


Obesity in Early Childhood

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