MPC-002-02-01 Physical Development

1.2 Physical Growth in Early School Years
1.2.1 Body Size: Height and Weight
1.2.2 Growth and Development Year Wise 6-11 Years
1.2.3 Motor Skills in Growth and Development (6-11 years)
1.2.4 Development of Teeth, Bones and Muscles
1.3 Motor Development
1.3.1 Activities and Skills Between 6-11 Years
1.3.2 Disorders in Physical Development During 6-11 Years of Age
1.3.3 Improvement in Control and Coordination of Fine Motor Skills
1.4 Body Proportions
1.4.1 Muscles and Fat
1.4.2 Summary of Physical Development During School Years
1.5 Motor Development
1.5.1 Major Motor Developments

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