MPC-006 - 03-01 CHARACTERISTICS OF NORMAL Distribution

1.2 Normal Distribution/ Normal Probability Curve
1.2.1 Concept of Normal Distribution
1.2.2 Concept of Normal Curve
1.2.3 Theoretical Base of the Normal Probability Curve
1.2.4 Characteristics or Properties of Normal Probability Curve (NPC)
1.3 Interpretation of Normal Curve/ Normal Distribution
1.4 Importance of Normal Distribution
1.5 Applications/ Uses of Normal Distribution Curve
1.6 Table of Areas Under the Normal Probability Curve
1.7 Points to be Kept in Mind Consulting Table of Area Under Normal Probability
1.8 Practical Problems Related to Application of the Normal Probability Curve
1.9 Divergence in Normality (The Non-Normal Distribution)
1.10 Factors Causing Divergence in the Normal Distribution/Normal Curve
1.11 Measuring Divergence in the Normal Distribution/ Normal Curve
1.11.1 Measuring Skewness
1.11.2 Measuring Kurtosis

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