MPC-006 - 03-02 SIGNIFICANCE OF MEAN Differene and Standard Error of Mean

2.2 The Concept of Parameters and Statistics and Their Symbolic Representation
2.2.1 Estimate
2.2.2 Parameter
2.3 Significance and Level of Significance of the Statistics
2.4 Sampling Error and Standard Error
2.4.1 Sampling Errors
2.4.2 Standard Error
2.5 ‘t’ Ratio and ‘t’ Ratio Distribution Table
2.5.1 ’t’ Ratio
2.5.2 The Sampling Distribution of “t” Distribution
2.6 Standard Error of Sample Statistics – The Sample Mean
2.6.1 Meaning of Standard Error of Mean
2.6.2 The Standard Error of Mean of Large Sample
2.6.3 Degree of Freedom
2.6.4 The Standard Error of Means of Small Sample
2.7 Application of the Standard Error of Mean
2.7.1 Estimation of the Population of Statistics – The Mpop
2.7.2 Determination of the Size of Sample
2.8 Importance and Application of Standard Error of Mean
2.9 The Significance of the Difference Between Two Means
2.9.1 Standard Error of the Difference of Two Means and Critical Ratio (CR)
2.9.2 Levels of Significance
2.9.3 The Null Hypothesis
2.9.4 Basic Assumption of Testing of Significance Difference Between the Two Sample
2.9.5 Two Tailed and One Tailed Test of Significance
2.9.6 Uncorrelated (Independent) and Correlated (Dependant) Sample Means
2.10 Significance of the Two Large Independent or Uncorrelated Sample Means
2.11 Significance of the Two Small Independent on Uncorrelated Sample Means
2.12 Significance of the Two Large Correlated Samples
2.13 Significance of Two Small Correlated Means
2.14 Points to be Remember While Testing the Significance in Two Means
2.15 Errors in the Interpretation of the Results, While Testing the Significant Difference
Between Two Means

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