MPC-003-01-03 Assessment of Personality

3.2 Needs and Aims of Assessment
3.3 Methods of Personality Assessment
3.3.1 Interviews
3.3.2 Projective Techniques
3.3.3 Classification of Projective Techniques
3.3.4 Association Technique
3.4 Ink Blot Technique
3.4.1 Construction Technique
3.4.2 Completion Technique
3.4.3 Expressive Techniques
3.4.4 The Rorschach Inkblot Technique
3.4.5 The Holtzman Inkblot Test
3.4.6 The TAT
3.4.7 The Sentence Completion Tests
3.4.8 Limitations of the Projective Tests
3.5 Behavioural Assessment
3.5.1 Limitations of Behavioural Assessment
3.6 Personality Inventories
3.6.1 The Mmpi – 2
3.6.2 Limitations of Personality Inventories



1. Discuss the role of psychological determinants of personality development. 2. Discuss the concept of ‘neurotic needs’ in the light of Horney’s personality theory. 3. What is ink blot tests? Describe the Rorschach Test.

4. Analyse the factors contributing to Guilford’s idea of personality development. 5. Explain the importance of psychosexual development in shaping the adult personality. 6. What is observational learning? Discuss the main processes involved in observational learning. 7. What are the various values put forward by Allport? 8. Discuss the types of faking possible in self-report inventory. What are the measures to overcome the same?

9. Social deprivation 10. MMPI-2 11. Regression 12. B-Needs 13. Block’s personality types 14. Senior Apperception Test 15. Proprium 16. Type A and Type B Personality 17. Extraversion and Cortical Arousal 18. Types of Case Study method

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