MPC-003-01-02 State Trait Approaches to Personality

2.2 Type Approaches to Personality
2.3 Trait Approaches/Theories
2.3.1 Allport’s Trait Approach Common and Individual Traits Cardinal Traits Central Traits Secondary Traits
2.3.2 Cattell’s Trait Approach
2.3.3 Eysenck’s Type/Trait Hierarchy Extraversion/Introversion Psychoticism/Impulse Control Inhibition Theory Arousal Theory
2.3.4 Guilford’s Trait Theory Physiological and Morphological Traits Needs, Interests, Attitudes Aptitudes Temperament
2.3.5 Five Factor Model Extraversion (E) Neuroticism (N) Consientiousness (C) Agreeableness (A) Openness (O)

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