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You, Sir, is very lucky indeed to have studying as a hobby. Thank you for your great effort in sharing your knowledge. God Bless You

Wednesday 10/05/2016 18:57:00Andien Edardono

Hello sir, have very high expectations from you. Please find a job for me. I have send you the deatils via emails. Thank You

→  Friday 06/14/2013 13:16:04→  NIKITA SAWADIA - Bangalore

Sir, site ka look and feel to thora dhang ka bana lijiye...

→  Saturday 03/30/2013 22:26:46→  Somnath Nandy - NIFT­Kolkata

...good effort, much appreciated on this work, thanks a lot!Just the thing I was searching for

→  Tuesday 03/26/2013 03:54:10→   raja rajapandian - Bangalore

..Simply amazing... Such a wonderful link to gain knowledge in terms of fashion n trend...will surely spread d word for others help too..thanks a lot sir for ur efforts n building a bridge between industry n individuals...

→  Wednesday 11/21/2012 12:20:10→  swapnil maheshwari - jaipur

Thank you Sir for the needen informations and tips that you have shared for students pursuing career in fashion.

→  Saturday 11/03/2012 02:38:52→  Sarthak Tripathy - Bangalore

Looking forward for gaining some knowledge and career progress GYAAN from you...take care..

→  Monday 09/03/2012 11:41:31→  Justine V Thomas - Cochin

Looks like the site is user friendly. hope it wont be hit by spammers as such sites are a target. all the best Vasant

→  Thursday 07/12/2012 14:07:17→  Aparna - Delhi

Hi vasant

nice to see your website

it is excellent

→  Friday 09/09/2011 12:05:23 →  Shakeel Iqbal

Hi vasant, nice to see your website.... it is excellent

→  Friday 09/09/201112:05:23→ Shakeel Iqbal