MPC-004-04-01 Introduction To Group, Formation and Types of Groups

1.2 Definition and Meaning of Group
1.3 Important Features of Group
1.4 Characteristics of a Group
1.5 Group Formation and Related Theories
1.5.1 Theories of Group Formation
1.5.2 Ten (10) Rules that Govern Groups
1.6 Types of Group
1.7 Group Structure
1.8 Group Conflict
1.9 Group Behaviour and Group Action

1. Discuss main characteristics of groups. Explain various theories of group formation. 2. Write an essay on the process of attitude change. 3. Discuss the methods to reduce aggression.

4. Write a note on ethical issues in social psychology. 5. Discuss the biological and evolutionary perspective in social psychology. 6. Describe in detail Asch’s study on conformity. 7. Discuss the principles that increase the probability of successful compliance. 8. Discuss various conflict resolution strategies?

 9. Katz functional theory 10. Group Cohesion 11. Types of cooperation 12. Deception 13. Social Validation 14. Prototypes 15. Quasi experimental method 16. Covariation principle 17. Script theory of aggression 18. Health psychology

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