Awareness of Kidswear Safety amongst Stakeholders in India

Awareness of Kidswear Safety amongst Stakeholders in India

Abstract :
Clothing is an essential part of routine lives. It keep wearer comfortable and
protects from the diverse climatic conditions, but at the same time, it is important to
make sure that human beings, particularly, children are also safe from clothes. It
might be unexpected, but clothing can also be unsafe and risky for children. There are
examples all around the world where children got injured & in some cases, even
children died due to unsafe garments they were worn. To prevent casualties related to
kidswear, safety standard norms are implemented by few countries.
Though Kidswear regulations are strictly imposed in the developed nation but in
India is not having such kind of set rules and standards for kidswear safety. This topic
has a bright future as nobody else seems to have focused on this yet, and the way
Indian kidswear market is growing in future it will be important to look into the safety
aspects of the kidswear. The purpose of this study is to provide a descriptive and
analytical analysis of awareness of kidswear safety amongst stakeholders in India.
Keywords : kidswear safety, regulations, parents, brands, retailers

Conclusion :
Children are the best resources for any country. Having children brings an
increased sense of meaning in people’s lives. The parent’s whole world is around their
children only and for children the role of parents is an irreplaceable one. Furthermore,
today’s children are the future of the country. It is important to protect the children to
safeguard the future of the country. So, it is the responsibility of parents and society to
make sure that children are as safe as possible from all potential risks and their
childhood should be injury-free and fun. If a society is careless and carefree about its
youth and fails to protect them in a proper manner, then the society may be in danger.
Product safety is everyone’s obligation– including brand, designer,
manufacturers, and retailers of the merchandise. Responsibility of child safety is a
communal focus and understanding among all stakeholders is important.
Safety standard and regulations reduces the accidents associated with kidswear.
In developed countries, product safety standards and regulations are defined for
kidswear. Globally awareness about kidswear is increasing, and though the awareness
of kidswear safety in India is less, it is mandatory for the Indian stakeholders to
consider kidswear safety standards while dealing with garments for children at any
stage and encompass no hazardous substances. It’s unfortunate that India doesn’t have
its own standard and regulations for kidswear. One reason behind this is, perhaps, there
is no structured data available on injuries due to usage of kidswear in India.

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