Proto Sample

  • Proto sample is developed at very initial stage and normally order is confirmed to the factory based on proto sample only

  • Normally, buyer send proto sample request to 2-3 factories.

  • The factory which submits the good quality and optimum price will get confirmation from buyer.

  • Proto sample are normally prepared in similar fabric if actual fabric is not available.

  • Substitute Trims can be used on proto.

  • As proto sample is given first time to the factory to buyer, so to develop the proto sample buyer need to provide necessary information along with the proto request. These are: Specification Sheet (Tech Pack), Bill of Material, Development sample (optional), Paper patterns (optional), Sample of novelty trims, Sample of fabric yardage (it may be send by buyer or asked to develop), Details of Print or Embroidery, if any.

  • Generally proto request is responded within the 7-10 days by merchandiser.

  • Factory need to submit at least 4 proto samples (quantity may change buyer to buyer)

  • If buyer does not approve the proto sample, factory needs to submit the 2nd proto sample to get approval.

  • Once proto get approved buyer asks to start working on fit sample.

Sample Word Tree Merchandising

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