Fabric Sourcing


Fabric Sourcing for Garment manufacturing is most important activity and complex process. The most important parameters of fabric sourcing are cost, quality and lead time.  

Factory merchandiser must make sure that delivery of the desired quality fabric should be within time and budget as any deviation in these can results into huge loss to the company.

Classification of Fabric Sourcing

  1. Classification based on Fabric Construction

    1. Woven Fabric

    2. Knitted Fabric

  2. Classification based on Type of Fabric

    1. Finished Fabric

    2. Greige Fabric

  3. Classification based on Fabric Coloring

    1. Fiber dyed fabric

    2. Yarn dyed fabric

    3. Piece dyed fabric

    4. Printed fabric

  4. Classification based on Sourcing Sector

    1. Domestic Sourcing

    2. International Sourcing

  5. Classification based on Manufacturing

    1. Sourcing from Vertically Integrated unit

    2.  Sourcing from Decentralized sector

  6. Classification based on Vendor

    1. Nominated Vendor

    2. Non-nominated Vendor

Fabric Sourcing Cost Quality Word Tree Classification

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