Sampling is the product development stage. It is one of the most important process of the garment industry and it plays a vital role in attracting buyers. Sampling is a smart representation fulfilling the buyer’s requirement and a means of acquiring the bulk order. Before placing any order to the factory, the buyer wants to know whether the factory is capable of producing the styles with the desired quality levels or not. For this buyer asks the factory to produce the samples which are then tested for look, fit, grades, colors, quality, wash/finishing etc., by the buyer. The samples, decide the ability of a factory. The buyers will assess the factory and his organization only by the samples. If the samples are of good quality and with reasonable price naturally the buyers will be forced to place the order to the factory, so it is essential that the samples should be innovative and with optimum quality.

The purpose of sampling is not only to get bulk order and also it gives some additional benefits to the exporters. By doing sampling the exporter can estimate the yarn consumption for developing the fabric, a clear idea on costing and manufacturing difficulties. Besides by doing sampling an exporter can optimize the processing parameters for mass production, which helps to avoid all kinds of bottlenecks.


Sampling Merchandising Costing Word Tree

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