Do you think you are overqualified for this position?

When interviewers say you’re “overqualified,” here’s what they’re concerned about:

(1) You may be bored in this position;
(2) You will not be happy with the salary they’re offering;
(3) You will go away as quickly as you get a better alternative;
(4) They’ll should go through the time-consuming and expensive means of hiring and coaching somebody all over again.

As with any objection, don’t view this as a sign of imminent defeat.  It’s an invitation to teach the interviewer a new way to think about this situation, seeing advantages instead of drawbacks.

Remember always it does not necessarily mean you are over qualified. Don’t be trapped. The recruiter wants to see you to demonstrate your long term commitment to stay in the company. The recruiter worries about the position will not stimulate you enough to keep you stay. As soon as you get other job offers that suit more to your qualification, you’ll leave the company.

The best tips to answer this interview question:

Express your most interest for the position and explain why this is the right position for you. Stress your skills, your enthusiasm for the job, and your eagerness for the opportunity to learn.

Emphasize to establish a long-term commitment with the company. Tell the recruiter that with the qualification you have, you will be an asset for bigger contribution and faster return of investment for the company.

Avoid saying like “I can’t find anything else and I really need a job”, even though that may be the case. That sounds frustration. The recruiter may think you only want to fill your temporary void until something better showing up in your way.

Example of good answer:

  • I think my experience and overqualified will just help me to do job better and it can favour me to more responsibilities and raise your expectation which leads to long relationship.
  • I’m sure you cant say overqualified even am a pg degree holder.. coz am a fresher. So many are there to fill my cup. I have to learn more as the technologies are tapping up every day sir.
  • Even if I’m overqualified for this job it is better for your company as well as me for future prospectives. Overqualified person does not lose, he stays ahead of others.
  • I never think that I am over qualified to this job. We can’t judge any job as small or big according to our qualification. If we have interest and passion then we can create wonders even it is a small job. It’s better to do a job where my work is appreciated and where I can get the work satisfaction. I strongly believe that by working in this company I can fulfil my dreams.
  • I believe this is the right position for me because it allows me to leverage my real talents and skills into application and provide an opportunity to work with other talented professionals. Overall the position provides the long-term growth potential I’m looking for. In this case, I fully agree with you that I am so well qualified and in fact, it would be very positive benefits for the company. I could start contributing right away and offering immediate return on your investment.
  • Well, you wouldn’t feel that way about your surgeon, would you? Don’t you want a person that you’re confident can do this job without requiring a lot of training and a lot of your time?

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